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Re: Why big difference of Equifax Credit Score here and when I applied for a CC

Directly from them:


Your Credit Score: 401

Date: 09/22/2012

Scores range from a low of 300 to a high of 620.

Key factors that adversely affected your credit score:

HIGH RATIO OF REVOLVING ACCTS OPENED LAST YEAR TO ALL REVOLVING ACCTS    Only one revolving account with a $200 limit of the two accounts I have.  I did notice on my report it showed a high balance of $191.00. Which when ever I use the card I always pay it the same day.  Maybe they reported my balance the same day before the payment was processed and just boned me until next month.


TOO FEW ACCOUNTS CURRENTLY PAID AS AGREED There are only 2 accounts and both are up to date and never missed a payment in the 2 years they have been open.




GE Capital Retail Bank


Starting Score: 515EQ/556TU
Current Score: 632EQ/632TU
Goal Score: 750

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