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Is this a scam? My FICO went from 678 to 818 and in less than 2 hours is back to 678
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I received an email saying my FICO had an alert - the alert was that I exceeded my target - My FICO went from 678 to 818! I was so excited because I've been working so hard to fix my credit that I actually called my parents to tell them the good news that all my past screw ups were finally starting to go away.  How embarrassing - I end up paying again...after already paying monthly for this service, pay for the 30 % discount to get my FICO again (which I still don't understand why I pay monthly and then still have to pay extra again), anyway, I spend money on this site for the product and now my score is back to 678.  What is the point in it if it is going to send me an alert that I'm doing great, and then less than 2 hours later tell me my FICO score is still rated as "good," which to me is the same as saying it is horrible.  I give up!  If somebody out there can explain to me what I obviously do not understand, it would be greatly appreciated and thank you for reading my post.   

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