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Re: Credit Score Question

WarJar101 wrote:

Hey guys just wondering, if I have a 300 dollar balance on a 500 dollar limit card, and I could only afford to pay 100 dollars towards the balance (as the minimum payment) will credit score go up or down, or remain the same? Minimum Payment = $25.

Hopefully a mod will move this for a more detailed response; however, in general the lower your utilization rate both overall and on an individual card, the higher your FICO score will be.  There are some breakpoints, i.e. $16 on a $7698 balance is unlikely to make a difference, but in this case going from 300 one month to 200 the next on a $500 limit card, is likely to produce a change in your FICO score in the upward direction... on the assumption the rest of your balances remain flat rather than going up.


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