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Reporting on New CC's-Getting my score to raise

2 collections - I sent my first GW to a local one on Tuesday :fingerscrossed:

2 Macy's accounts - 1 is closed with baddies one is reporting OK  with old baddies (both are PIF currently)

I make 37K a year

I have recently opened a Chase Slate and a Cap One
I am an AU on my wifes Slate and Freedom card (her slate is not reporting just yet but should be in a few days)
4 inq. On all reports so I guess 12 total.

I applied to GE Walmart but was denied

Garden mode for now



My slate

Balance $0

high balance $41

limit $200

Wifes Freedom

Balance $113

high balance $1329

limit 3300

autoloan that I have not missed a payment in 5 years @ $400/month

Her slate and freedom both have 3,300 limits - She puts on about a grand then PIF on her Freedom and does this twice a month.  We just put 2K on the slate from a balance transfer with 0% interest until December 2013 - I will be paying $200 a month on this.


So what would be the best option for me to raise my FICO?  My goal is to switch between the two cards (cap1 and my slate) every other week and PIF on Friday.

Will this raise my score?  If not how do you suggest I go about raising my score




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