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Re: Is this a scam? My FICO went from 678 to 818 and in less than 2 hours is back to 678

CrazyDiamond wrote:

Exactly, that is why I freaked out when I saw the 818.  It was 818, then down at the bottom of the FICO thing there is a deal that always says "purchase FICO for 30% off" or something like that.  I figured I had to purchase it so it would update the score.  I have like an expiration date thing down by the score - it says like view .....until September 17 or whatever the date may be.  I did send an email to the FICO people through an option under my account information.  I have not heard back just yet.

Scorewatch keeps you up to date on your score but doesn't give you a new report with score every time your score changes.  If you want the new report with the new score, you have to purchase it if you have already used up your free reports.  That is why that link is there. 

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