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When to pay Credit Card for best Utilization

Hi Forum! 


Over the last 5 years I have had the opportunity to build up my credit from scratch, but the answer to one question still evades me no matter what forum I am looking at (though maybe I am missing it). 


When should I pay my balance? I have roughly 3-4 cards in use and I keep the aggregate amounts and the individual under 10% usage. I have read on many websites conflicting information, which I will list below to hopefully make my question clear. 


1. "Companies report balances at any given time" vs "Companies report your closing statement". 


2. "It is better to let your statement close with 10%-30% of your available credit used" vs "Pay your balance down to 0% before the statement closes".


3. "Always make sure your total usage for the month is below 30%" vs "Never go above 30% for your total purchases for the month" 


These obviously revolve around the same question, but I just wanted to clarify the information I am looking for.