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Time Since Negative is wrong

Mods I am not sure if this is the right place please move if needed

Time Since Negative

It has been 0.3 Years since the last time negative information was listed on one of your accounts.

The problem is I have not been negative on any account since Jan 2011 ( Today have a sale for the other FAKO scores for 31.95 from TU and EQ)

In the last month I have also purchased these from Equifax and the TU from here.  They all show the exact same info.

Can I please get some help with this?

Cap1Secured $700 | Chase Slate $700 | Amazon Store $5000 | Discover IT $7000 | Lowe's $8000 | AmEx BCE $20000 | Freedom $3000
November 2014 (myFICOs): Equifax 717 TransUnion 725 Experian 717
January 2014 (myFICOs): Equifax 675 TransUnion 661 Experian 723