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Re: myfico late payment error

Yanzi2002 wrote:

I just subscribed to myfico score watch and it shows a recent late payment within the last month. I'm unable to find out which account reported a late payment. I only have 2 open accounts. One credit card and a car loan that was just paid off. My question is why would they be showing a recent late payment on score watch when I can't find any record of it? I'm hoping this isn't dragging my score down. Do I contact myfico or the CBs? I'm trying for a mortgage and can't let a mistake hold me back.

Look within your accounts page, including within the details of the accounts. What you want to look for is any older charged-off or collection account within the Accounts page that has a status or reported date of one month ago. Sometimes these baddies update monthly with added lates, even long after a charge-off, and that can reflect in the pos/neg items hurting your score.