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Re: Why big difference of Equifax Credit Score here and when I applied for a CC

llecs wrote:

That narrows out report changes, so the CC's score would either be their own in-house non-FICO score, an older or newer EQ FICO, or a CC-enhanced FICO. I vote for the latter.

Until recently I would have thought the same thing. About a week ago the CFPB released a report that analyzed an extremely large number of consumer reports in order to determine the difference between the available scores lenders use as well as so called "educational scores" aka FAKOs.

One particular portion of the study outcome was that generic FICO scores correlated almost perfectly (.99) with credit card enhanced FICO scores of the same generation.


Here's the thread which includes a link to the pdf. It's perhaps now the gold standard when someone is confused about credit score models.


It helps to have had a statistics course but a fair amount can be discerned from the prologue and text.


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