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Re: CFPB released a report comparing FAKOs, FICOs, and VantageScore

cashnocredit wrote:

I think they meant the 5 points as an average but I'm pretty sure it has to be similar on bankcards v generic. They did state that bankcard specific FICO scores correlated at .99 with generic FICOs. So if they differ it cannot be very much.

You're probably correct on both counts, though to state the correlation factor is 99%, it would've been handy to give us some details as to the average report data as well as we know that not all credit reports are remotely close to equal even if they have the same score under some given version of the model.


I didn't look through the report closely enough, but on their initial data set they didn't suggest whom the bankcard-enhanced score was provided from.  Also while mortgage is intrinsically tied to FICO '04, which was likely the overarching theme of the study (their breakpoints had mortgage industry written all over it), I do wonder if the FICO '08 model which has the second (I think, at least subsequent) revision of the bankcard enhanced score, might be a larger disparity.




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