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Yet another UTL question

I recently went on an app spree which brought my total CL to $27K.  I'm trying to capitalize CB rewards and am planning to start mortgage shopping in 9 months. In hindsight, I know I shouldn't have gone on my app spree but at the time, I didn't know we'd be shopping for a mortgage so soon. I am officially in the garden until then. 


With that said, I know I'll take a hit on INQ and AAoA. So, I'm looking for some advice on UTL...  I know that I should let only 1 card post a balance but what if the reported balance is only 1-2%?  Is that bad?  I rotate my cards to capitalize on CB rewards. Also, does it matter what card should report? Amex vs. Discover vs. Chase?  Also, should it always be the same card to report? 


Sorry for the slew of questions....  I know time is the best remedy for my app spree but it did help my credit portfolio by increasing my CL and getting rid of FP. I'm trying to minimize the hit on my score and manage my UTL appropriately.