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Re: CFPB released a report comparing FAKOs, FICOs, and VantageScore

As it is clear that "correlation" behaviors aren't generally known, Just a note of clarification.


Correlation values of .99 do not mean that 99% of the scores match or that two scores will only be, on average 1% off. It's a statistical measure and one that leaves a lot of room for variation in FICO scores. It's also kind of weird in that as it increased it tends to overstate what one would expect.


For instance if a correlation of .92 produces a typical variation of 40 points (using FICO scaling and taking a SWAG) around the 620 mark, a correlation of .98 would only reduce the expected variation to 20 points. Alternately, if 1 out of 4 people had no history of autoloans and took a 40 point hit as a result but otherwise matched the generic FICO that would also produce a correlation of .98

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