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Re: New accts added to CR, score not changing?

I can't speak for FAKOs as in the TransRisk and Vantage offered by CreditKarma and the TransUnion score from (also Vantage), but your FICO score could have changed. I would guess at a score drop for the auto refi. I'd guess at an increase or decrease on the new CC. If you have other CCs, I'd guess a drop. If it's your only one or manybe you had one or two others, then there's a potential for a gain if util and/or AAoA didn't hurt you.


Closing the checking won't do anything to your score since checking accts are only factored in by collection agencies if you default.


I would have kept the WF CC open. You could have always sock-drawered it. It won't hurt closing early, but I'd PIF the balance ASAP.


You can built up your credit and still remain 100% debt-free. Just PIF after each use.


Don't apply for any new credit!!! The refi, the WF secured opening, and the NFCU would be a red flag and a drain on your score (aside from improvements to mix or util).