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Credit Score has not changed... Why? [Changed Forum]

Hello! So at the end of August I decided to purchase a MacBook Pro for $3,000. I put it on my Citi card for points. As it posted on my $4,000 Citi CL, my credit went down 60+ points due to the utilization of 70% on this card. Prior to this, my FAKO score from Credit Karma was ~ 770. It went down to 710, then back up to 730 in mid September due to 2 inquiries falling off. Foolishly enough I did not pay for it before it posted. As soon as it did I paid the card in full. This month I have been waiting for my utilization to go down. Today my Citi card finally posted. My utilization has updated and is down to 3% across the board ($740 total spending.) The thing is my credit score is still 730 as it was in September. I have no baddies, negatives, or new inquiries. Any idea why this might be? I wanted to apply for a new credit card but was waiting for my old score to repost. I wanted to know why my score has not gone back up to where it was previous to my credit card utilization spike.  Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or thoughts. I have 6 CC, $20,000 total credit. ~ 2 years of AAOA & always pay in full. I appreciate any help in advance. Thanks!

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