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Re: Credit Score has not changed... Why? [Changed Forum]
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CK provides you with your report.  That information is accurate, so if you can see that the utilization has updated on CK, then that means it has updated on your TransUnion report.  You would be ok to get your score now knowing that the utilization has updated.


One other point though, the TU score that is offered here is an older version, TU98.  A lot of lenders are using TU04.  You can't get your TU04 score except from a lender, like in a mortgage application.  So in many ways the TU score here is almost as bad as a FAKO.


If I were going to get one score, I would get your EQ score.  The EQ FICO you get here is the same version that most lenders use.

ETA: Not sure whether your utilization would have updated on EQ or not, but I imagine it would have.  If you haven't done so already, you can request your free trial of ScoreWatch and get your EQ score that way.  And then you aren't out any money if your utilization hasn't updated.

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