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Re: HELP! Score dropped 80+ pts. due to Fed. Student loans mistake!

Actually I have experience with this, after 10+ calls with sallie mae and the DoE you basically cannot do a thing. You cannot combine the loans in order to have it report as a single late, they will not delete, and they basically will not modify anything unless it is flat out incorrect. I have tried for the last year to do any of the above, because I had 3 student loans that did the same as you, the response I got was that they sent mail stating it was coming due, and it is my fault for not changing my address/putting in incorrect information for me to be able to get the mail.


I still call them every couple weeks hoping I will get someone that will make an exception and take it off, because if I had defaulted and been 150 day or more late, after 6 months they would delete everything, so I am being epenlized for taking the responsibility and paying what I had to as soon as I was informed that it was due. :-(

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