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Re: HELP! Score dropped 80+ pts. due to Fed. Student loans mistake!

Did you take 1 semester off? If so, 6 months from then, they will try to start collecting because it is viewed that you stopped going to school. However, I find schools are often slow at letting lenders know you actually went back. If you did not take off, make sure that your school never changed your enrollment status at some point without you knowing.


If you took anytime off from school, then I do not think there is much you can do. I think it states somewhere in your loan agreements (it did with most of mine) that it is up to the borrower (and not the school) to contact the loan holders if you go back to school.

That being said, if none of the above are valid, you should open up a dispute with all 3 of the credit bureaus. Make sure you have your loan agreements on hand as well as proof you have been enrolled at least half time (above 6 credits). I am pretty sure anything below 6 credits changes your status to part time and I am not sure if you still qualify for forbearance below 6 credits.

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