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Re: I've decided "understanding FICO" is an oxymoron

llecs wrote:

How old was the account in relation to your AAoA? In other words, could AAoA have dropped as a result of the loss of history? For example, maybe you gained 20 for the dropped baddie, but lost 17 due to impact in history thereby resulting in a net gain of 3 (with everything else being equal).

OK, so I went back to research this and my AAoA dropped by .2 years, so from 5.2 to 5 on EQ and 4.8 to 4.6 on TU/EX (according to USAA CMS). I wouldn't think that would matter all that much in the scheme of things.  I'm hoping to get my util down next week and see what kind of bump that gets me.  I pulled TU from here today and at least it was 726!!! woo-hoo!

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