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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

UPDATE:  I called and asked for a manager at My Fico. He told me a comment under the CC which I disputed more then 5 years ago was hurting my score. The comment: " Consumer disputes this account information credit card." This is the CC that was showing no activity in the scoring formula, yet I was showing activity for 7 months in a row. I called my CC holder that the account was not in dispute and was settled many years ago. They agreed to send all 4 credit bureaus a request to remove the comment. I pulled the same Fico Eqifax CC today, October 4, 2012 and indeed, the comment has been removed and my score jumped 12 points in 1 month 5 days!


That's great.


Now what perplexes me even more, today's report pulled 35 days after the last one, downgraded my credit history from great to very good!  The 35 day old Fico Equifax report reported my credit history as great, "your oldest account was opened 20 years 3 months ago" today's new report has it a 20 years 5 months. The old 35 day report says "average age of your accounts 10 years, the new report today has it 11 years.


How can this be?!  Why was my credit history downgraded from great to very good?  Today's report clearly shows 2 more months of history and 1 year longer on the average age of my accounts!  ON TODAY'S CC, MY CREDIT HISTORY IS LISTED AS A NEGATIVE FOR THE FIRST TIME!  Stating " You have a short credit history" I just can't understand this. Makes no sense to me.


Also, today's CC shows as a positive " You've shown recent use of credit cards"  That was what I was disputing when I opened this tread, since I have now had 8 straight months of activity on this card and the 35 day old report stated as a negative that I was not showing activity on the card. So My Fico at least corrected this and I'm happy about the 12 point score increase.


Can anyone offer a reasonable rationale as to why my 20 year, 5 month old credit history was downgraded from great to very good when in fact I now have 2 more months added on as compared to the 35 day old Fico Equifax CC? and also now listed as a negative when it was listed as a positive only 35 days ago? Should I report this?