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Will I Get Those Points Back

Hello everyone I have been really trying hard after my ch. 7 discharge (11/10) to get my credit up to par to buy my first home. My scores before the major hit was EQ. 600, TU. 632 ficos, and EX. 644 lender pulled. After my 2 credit card balances went near maxed out, I took a 21 point drop on EQ., 49 point drop on TU., and a 38 point drop on EX. I guess the only reason the EQ report didn't take that big of a hit probably due to me having amother revolving acct on there that's not on the other 2. So my question is if I pay off/down those 2 cards ($800.00) will I get those points back? Reason being my 2 yr discharge will be up next month and after speaking with the bank last month, getting beyond the 2 yr mark was all I needed to proceed with buying a home. Thanks for any suggestions/comments in advance.

Starting Score: EQ 425 (Discharged Ch. 7 BK 11/16/2010)
Current Score: EQ 600/TU 677/EX 663 (All Lender Pull 11/10/2012)
Goal Score: 700 Cross The Board

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