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New Card Causes Score Loss, Can I Close the Account and Get Those Points Back?

A year ago I bough a new-to-me home and last spring I went looking for a small tractor. I was given 10% off if I got a Home Depot card. Well, they only gave me $500 limit and since then my score has gone from 727 to 698 becuase I have 'too many low limit cards', too many as in 2 with $500, the other being a Target card and Target is not increasing limits. Target is a card I've had for 7 years so I don't want to lose it.


I also noted that the Home Depot card was listed as a 'finance company' negative by Equifax. Hmmm, Citibank is a finance company????


I have a zero balance on this card and was wondering if I closed it would I get my lost points back?


My overall CC util stays between 15-20% with 1/2 having no balances and I would be losing a card with only 7 months history on it so my average card age would actually increase, wouldn't it?


Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.