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Re: Fico Score did not improve after 7 month credit card activity

First, the two 60 day negatives are what is lowering your score. They lower it much more and much longer than a single 30 day negative. Having two negatives puts you in a particular category. On top of that recent v non-recent use of revolving credit shifted things. FICO scoring is statistical and not absolute. FICO has no memory of prior FICOs or what category resulted in those scores.


FICO scores also produce a list of factors, in order of impact but they don't ascribe weight to them other than that they are in order. Since the two negatives are, based on what I've seen from others and experienced myself, the dominant score killers, the remaining items in the "what's hurting your score" list are likely contributing a rather small portion to your score. Possibly only one or two points.  It's just that scores are reported with a list of items, in sequence, that negatively impact your credit no matter how minimally.


Once they are gone your score would likely be over 780. That's what happened to me. I was stuck around 710-720 then it popped to 780 when the last severe neg dropped.


And the negative reasons re-shuffled. Prior to that I also had a "short history" as a negative while of course the first negative, was the baddie. My interpretation is that a longer credit history was the only thing that would have helped the score so long as it was impacted by the negs.



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