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late payment on score watch, but no flag?

I have 2 30 day lates, 1 60 day late, and 1 90 day late listed on an account from 2009 for citifinancial. There is no flag by the account on score watch. I recently sent a good will letter to citifinancial and they just responded saying they would remove them. There was a 36 month good payment history prior and the loan was paid off early. I'm wondering why there isn't a red flag next to the account. Wouldn't the lates be affecting my score? I'm 17 points shy of the 640 I need to buy a home. Waiting for 3 things to update on my credit report and hoping I'll get the boost I need.

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Re: late payment on score watch, but no flag?

Look closely. Is there a dispute comment showing? (often added by some OCs after receiving a GW).