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Re: Improving Credit Scores

Yes, I thought I was best off just letting them stay there and not be "disturbed".


Here is my other question, and it involves the wide discrepency in score reporting between the bureaus. I subscribe to the three free "FAKO" scores, because it does give me some idea of where I stand. With Creditkarma (TU), which can be updated daily, my score has been at 621 for about 3 or 4 months. Creditsesame (Experian), which updates monthly, just raised my score 43 points in one month, to 683. They showed a tax lien as not being paid, that had been paid for years, and it was finally corrected. Quizzle (Equifax), which you can only update every 6 months, LOWERED my score from 590 to 584 between April and October. In that time, my one credit card increased my limit by $200, and I had no late payments or any new derogatories, just a couple of hard inquiries for mortgage applications. This is a HUGE difference, and when I first starting monitoring my credit in Dec 11, my scores were much closer, and also much lower. Why this big difference? If I go by the 682 score, I should easily quaiify for a mortgage. the 584 automatically stops it. The last time I checked score, a couple of months ago, it was 637, and that is what two lenders have pulled. What gives?