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Re: Quarterly monitoring seems useless to me now
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KatherineLee wrote:

I guess Quarterly monitoring isn't doing what I thought it would.  I thought it would alert me whenever a new account was added, or personal information changed.  It has not yet given me alerts about a change in address or two credit line increase, OR a new 15,000 CL from AMEX (new account).  It has been a few months now and Credit Karma picked up on it about 3 weeks after the changes.  


Why pay for a service when Credit Karma will do it for free?


I understand the differences between a FAKO and FICO.  My FAKO is probably 20 points above my true TU FICO, but I really have the monitoring to alert me to changes - and apparently its not very reliable for that.  


Anyone else a bigger fan of Credit Karma?

I also have TUQM, but it doesn't monitor credit items like account changes, changes in util, changes in score, etc. on any frequency other than quarterly (hence the name of FICO Quarterly Monitoring). The only thing it monitors in between the every-3-month-new-report-pull is your demogrpahic info and I don't think they pull it from your CRs. I too had moved and did get an alert for an address change but I don't know the source. At the same time my CR changed to the new address, then reverted to the old, then the new, then the old, and back and forth (I had let my CCs update the CR for me), yet only received one alert via TUQM despite multiple changes.


IMO, subscribe to TUQM for the FICO not for CR content. Also subscribe for the 20% discount if you need to pull more than once every 3 months. I wouldn't recommend subscribing for the credit monitoring because you can get all 3 CRs monitored for free elsewhere.