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Re: Credit Score

Kidde wrote:

Whenever I check my scores, all 3 are different.  I have also read that these are not even the same scores that creditors see when they are checking my credit. So how can I see what scores they are looking at?



If you are looking at FICO scores, look into each report for differences like differing accounts, different balances, account stati, etc. Any of these can easily throw off your scores into the double and triple digits depending on the differences. If the accounts are 100% alike, then look at subtle differences like lates reporting on one and not the other, differences in CLs, different dates, inquiries on one and not the other, etc. Any of these can throw your scores off by quite a bit in some cases. Even if 100% precisely alike, the scores could be different because the FICO formula varies between each CRA.


Where did you get your scores from? Lenders use FICO scores. There are only a finite number of places you can buy your FICO:


-You can only buy your EQ FICO from your lender,, or from (they'll push a FAKO called "Equifax Credit Score" so buyer beware).

-You can only buy your TU FICO from your lender or

-You cannot buy your EX FICO from anywhere without the help of a lender.


Aside from the above, there are a few other places you can get your FICO scores but at a free or reduces price. Some banks like M&T Bank, PA State Employees Credit Union, Digital Credit Union, Unitas Community Credit Union, Wal-Mart CC, and other CUs will offer a FICO. Check with your local CU to see if they offer a periodic FICO.


The EQ FICO from here and available elsewhere is the same EQ FICO that most mortgage lenders use. The TU FICO on here isn't used by too many mortgage lenders but there are some that still do. Likely your lender will use a newer TU FICO of which cannot be purchased from anywhere. The EX FICO that used to be avaible on here matched most mortgage lenders' scores. As always, lenders like CC companies and auto lenders will sometimes used an enhanced FICO geared towards that industry. You cannot buy these FICOs from anywhere.