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my-own-fico wrote:

It's somewhat like the magic pill that'll only work as long as you eat right and exercise. It's just that the pill itself does little more than give you hope and focus. Nothing wrong with that, except perhaps false advertising.

If you practice a heathy financial life by never being late and always keeping your debt low on your credit cards, your score is already so high that it may well not increase from all $0 balances except one small one.

Some enjoy the pill, some do fine without it. Smiley Very Happy


"It's good - we do not have to go to the bank."

I Remember Mama (1948)

Some of us around here need fast pointage, especially if going for a mortgage or something.  Every point counts in those desperate situations.  If we had practiced a "healthy financial life" then we probably wouldn't have found this forum. 

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