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Re: HELP! Score dropped 80+ pts. due to Fed. Student loans mistake!

I'm sorry to say, but I have had no success with getting SL lates deleted; they have to age off.  I hate the way student loans report, btw. Even in consolidation, I still have 4 separate student loans reporting.  AND, when you consolidate, they close the old ones and open brand new ones, so I now have 4 shiny new loans dragging down my AAoA, when some of them are from 15 years ago.  Point being, consolidation isn't going to help you anyway.


Lesson I learned from student loans: It is my responsibility to keep up with my finances. It is not the lenders (or creditors) job to keep me informed.


I know it stinks, but it's not "not fair". It's a learning opportunity for you.


That said, write your GW letters anyway because you never know when you might land on the right person's desk.

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