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my-own-fico wrote:

Booner72 wrote:
Some of us around here need fast pointage, especially if going for a mortgage or something.  Every point counts in those desperate situations.  If we had practiced a "healthy financial life" then we probably wouldn't have found this forum. 


You're probably referring to the various myFICO forums as a whole. But just in case you meant the Understanding FICO Scoring forum, I have noticed a steady stream of people here  requesting feedback on specific needs of urgent character, generally about moving from the mid or low 600s to something like 680 or 700. For some reason they are attracted to this forum rather than other of the perhaps more suitable myFICO forums such as Rebuilding Your Credit and Mortgage Loans. Maybe it's because their minds have zoomed in on the word score, and the title of this forum includes that. I'd be interested in finding out why the new of these posters come to this particular forum. Certainly understanding FICO scoring is more along the lines of asking for a bank loan when you don't need it.

No, I was referring to your advice to OP.   I spent a lot of time in the Understanding when I first found the forum and was working my A off to get the house.  I wanted to know How things worked and why and when and where, so I could do whatever I had to do.  Ultimately, it worked for me, and I am grateful.  I did NOT practice healthy finances, and just threw bills in the backseat, unopened, until they turned into a mountain, at which time they would get thrown out.  So I relate a lot to OP's initial question.    it has nothing to do with "zooming in" to the word FICO, it's the word Understanding.  Certainly Undertanding FICO Scoring has everything to do with asking the bank for a loan, when I DID need it.

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