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Re: Why No Company That Pulls a Real Fico?

Scorewatch updates according to the triggers that you set. You can set it so that if a CC increases by $1 that it will generate an alert, which also shows a new FICO score based upon your entire report. If that CC goes down then no alert is set, which means no new score. It does seem to generate a score when there are no alerts but I can't tell you if that is once a month or once a week or what. Real FICO scores do not change often. Most FAKO scores change because that is better for the people selling those scores.


Compared to other monitoring tools, Scorewatch has very few alerts. What it does have is a score that actually means something. Too bad we can't get both from any source.


EX updates fast. EQ and TU are slower. Does USAA monitor EX? If so, that updates faster 99% of the time.