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Re: How To Determine AAoA?

llecs wrote:
Amex charge cards largely don't impact util. The mix is considered as a charge card. The EQ FICO on here and versions used by those that pull EQ FICO ignore the balance (and high balance) for util calculation purposes. Same goes for EX FICO versions out there and the TU FICO versions used by most lenders. Only the TU98 version on here factors charge cards into util via the balance and high balance. The same applies to your BofA. If a CL reports of $0, then it's excluded. If absent a CL, then a high balance is substituted for the sole TU FICO version.


Haha, what a mess. Surely we can't just assume all cards are used for util at all times by all the credit bureaus. There are so many finer details and exceptions. My EQ lists two cards with an account type of revolving while the description field says flexible spending credit card. They are both used for util.

Also, while the re-posted spreadsheet is primarily about AAoA, it dips into util as well. But it incorrectly averages the individual card utils, which makes no sense. You must divide the total of card balances by the total of relevant limits, for qualified cards only naturally.