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Re: Dropped almost 40 points

Jp2slow wrote:

I think I got a little crazy with card apps and My score dropped 40 points.  Would 6 Inquirys on top of 12 that were already there really drop it that much ?   Im a member PSECU and my FICO was 644 .

Questions: are you comparing FICO scores? If so, did they come from the exact same source (e.g. PSECU's free EX FICO)?

Did the score drop reflect the inquiries AND new accounts? If so, was there a change in util that could have hurt too?


IMO, the inquiries didn't hurt your FICO. You might see a ding after the first one or two, but speaking from experience with 30 on EX at one point, they don't hurt. However, the new accounts can drop you quite a bit. On average I lost 20-25 per new TL reporting. I often lost more if the new CC reported a balance and that balance had a negative impact on util. YMMV on your credit of course.