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Utilization and High Balances Question
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Hello everyone.  I have a question I've been unable to find the answer to and hoping I can get an answer here.


I am on the road to establishing good credit.  I only have a Fingerhut account and a Capital One Secured Master Card currently, with a credit history of just 3 months so far.

Both are now reporting In good standing.



I noticed on my TansUnion Credit report Capital One has reported the following:

1) Balance   2) Credit Limit   3)High Limit


I understand how Balance and Credit Limit equal Credit utilization, and the impact that has if too high.


But my question is about the High balance portion.  How does this factor in or does it?




The reason I am curious is because I have ran the card (Capital One) up to approximately 80% utilization rate, but paid it off BEFORE the statement closes. Within a week or 2 of the transactions posting.     Im trying to keep my balances that are report at 30% or less.


Will this hurt me?


And, for what ever its worth I have been paying the card off in full every month.  If I run it up I just pay it back down.  I thought this may help in regards to using it, but the High balance reporting got me worried.  


Also, once I get my statement, I have been paying it in full within the week I get it, even though I have much longer .. a good 3 weeks or so to get it paid.  Will paying long before the due help in any way?