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*****QUESTION*****From 31% utilization to 5%
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Ok, so i am SOOOOOOOOOO on the border of being approved for my mortgage. My credit utilization was 31% I paid it off to 5% and my loan officer is able to do a "rapid rescore"  My credit score is a 616 and I have 2 cc's. One has a 1250 limit and showed a balance of $468 and I have paid it down to $19. My other card has a limit of $350 and a balance of $16.  These are the only credit cards that I have.  The only other thing on my report that is open is 2 installment loans.  A car that I owe $24k and a student loan for 4k. Both of which I am making regular payments on.  So any thoughts on how much my score will raise??


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