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Re: Credit score jumped up 100 points in one month?
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Well nothing fell off that I know of. His report only had one baddie and that has yet to fall off but it is paid. I do recall the salesman that worked with us telling my husband that his Trans score was 675 in September. We later learned that it might have been an auto enhanced score ( even though this was our first time purchasing a vehicle ) since all we were seeing was 610. I'm so unsure of how scoring works! I know there are FAKO's and FICO's but they seem to range all over the place.


It may just be a FAKO scoring since I did not purchase from myFico. But even if it's not a genuine FICO, it's still a large jump and gives me some hope about the direction we're heading! Plus, very soon I will be using Walmart's Trans Fico score. That will give us a better idea of  things. No matter. I'll take it! (:

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