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Re: Credit score dropped opening new cards
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I have a question... I thought I had this thing somewhat figured out. When an account is PIF, and reports as such... does that make your score drop? It seems that this has happened to me 3Xs. When I pay off accounts my score drops anywhere from 5-11 pts. I've been trying to keep my revolving accounts @zero before the end of each billing cycle thinking it would bump up my scores. Is it that I still need to have a balance showing so that the CRA's see that there is still activity on the accounts? It seems that paying debt down is ok as long as you don't pay it off. I'm in the game, I just don't have the right coach and playbook! I'm trying... just need sum help! Trans: 705 before drop, Eq: 671 and fell to 664. Score watch is a nice tool, but its not specific. I feel like a blind man who hit the lottery, But can't find his money!Smiley Sad

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