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What's worse..inquiry or new account?

I ask because we opened a few new cards...usaa, discover and Walmart for me, chase and Walmart for hubby. Usaa and chase pulled EQ, the others pulled TU. we refinanced two vehicles on 10/16, opened the new cards the same night. They will be replacing our crappy AF cards. All the inquiries have hit, and so has the Walmart card (they're FAST!). Lost 2 points on EQ and gained about 14 on TU (fico is 668, lender TU is 650, so from the lender i lost 4pts).


how much of a nosedive can I expect once discover and usaa hit? My util is already low, so I don't think that'll make much difference...but does fico take my student loans into consideration?

Starting Score: 492 02/12
Current Score: TU: 668 (FICO), EQ: 668 (FICO). EX: 651(lender pull 9/27/12)
Goal Score: 660