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Re: EQ Score watch

llecs wrote:

If you have a CC (or whatever) balance increase, then that will trigger a credit alert & will alert you to a new score you had at that moment.


If you have a CLI on a CC, that will not trigger a credit alert.


If you have a CLI on a CC -AND- your balance reported an increase on EQ, then you'll get a credit alert due to the balance increase and SW will grab your latest EQ FICO as of that moment.


If you have a CLI on a CC -AND- your balance stayed the same or decreased, you will not get a credit alert. However, if your EQ FICO changed as a result of that CLI -AND- your EQ FICO hit or surpassed your target score in either direction, then you would get a score alert within 7-10 days or whenever your EQ FICO is monitored next.

oh, ok... well explained... thx!!

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