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Re: 11 point drop, no changes at all?
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thankfulheart wrote:

I'm still befuddled by this system.  Got a SW today that my score had dropped 11 points (721-710) with no alerts.  Pulled my pullers and NOTHING has changed. The only thing that it could remotely be is that my newest CC went past the 1 year mark, but I would think the score would go the other direction.  My AAoA is still 4.6 on EQ (according to USAA), so it's not like I moved to a different AAoA bucket. 

No credit alert associated with the score change? If absent one, I'd zero in on the following:


1) A balance increase would alert SW, but if the increase was less than your own settings within SW, then you wouldn't get alerted. For example, a balance going from $0 to $1 would not trigger a credit alert because it is below the minimums, but an added balance on your CR can drop your scores by that much in some cases.


2) Your util can increase without balances increasing. If you had a CLD, then your util could have increased and that can cause a score drop.


3) A prev. closed account reporting $0 now can drop your scores. This may or may not apply, but if you had a CC that was closed finally get paid off, then you could see a drop.


4) An account dropped. If you lost an account, you wouldn't get alerted and if it helped in any way, then you can see a score drop.


5) Absent all possibilities, you can't rule out rebucketing. The only way to know for sure is to pull another EQ FICo though.


6) There might be other examples, but absent morning coffee, I won't guess.


One popped in the head: 7) a CC that had not been used in a long time went inactive. Inactive CCs are removed from scoring for util purposes. It takes a whole lot though for a CC to be seen as inactive and is based on the status date. It had not to have updated at all in months.