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> 70% Util to < 10% Util - Impact on Score
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Hi All,


Just had to share, as I was so excited today when I got my EQ Fico score from M&T Bank....  score is now 749 !!! Smiley Very Happy


When I started this journey in Jan, 2012 I had an overall revolving utilization of greater than 70%, and an EQ FICO score of 659.  I had absolutely no negatives, so the score impact was all due to high utilization.


I have been obsessed with paying off revolving debt this year (around $20,000 so far), and with my new CSP reporting today my utilization has now dropped to 6% overall.  Even with a balance reporting on 4 cards (all 0% now, by the way), that's a 90 point increase since the first of the year.  I can't believe it!  Smiley Happy



Starting Score: Jan 2012: EQ - 659, TU08 - 670, EX - ???
Current Score:April 2014: EQ - 772, TU08 - 782, EX - 754
Last App:3/21/14