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Re: Equifax FICO and Equifax Score

It depends. offers their Equifax score and a FICO Equifax score... do you know which one you purchased?  In my case, my Equifax score is much higher than my FICO equifax score.  790 vs. 741.  The 790 is the Equifax score and a consumer education score or what people on this board refer to as a FAKO score.  It is not what the lenders use.  For that, you will need to look at your FICO score.



Starting Score: EQ 740, EX 792 (lender pull), TU 772 (lender pull)
Current Score: EQ 767, EX 792 (lender pull), TU 772 (lender pull)
Goal Score: 2 over 760 and one over 800--still looking to get one over 800!

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