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Please respond!!

I had a charge off back in 2007 for a credit card I had with mbna. It has gone through collection with nco financial. Nco financial was on my credit report for 3-4 years and came off in June 2011. The mbna charge off is still on my credit report. But in Jan 2012, CVF/Resurgent popped up on my credit report for the mbna debt. CVF would not delete after asking for validation, disputing with the credit bureaus,  going through the attorney state office in Alabama and South Carolina, and having a lawyer speak on my behalf. I want to get a home loan in Feb 2013. I was advised to settle because suing could take up to a year. They refuse to do pay for deletion. Got the settlement in writing but the collection will say settled for less... When paid.  I just sent it knowing I can not have any collection with a FHA loan. Will my credit score take a punch even though CVF just popped up on credit report less than a year ago? If so, how much? MBNA charge off is still on credit report from 2007.