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Maximum points.. help

Hello and good day to everyone!!! I have tried to understand but i am hoping someone can simply this for me... 


I am trying to get the maximum points I can within the next 2 months so that I can qualify for a home..


Here is how my cards stand now, I normally pay them all off every month with the exception of my Navy Federal to report between 5-7%, but I am not seeing much of a gain only about 12 points.


Navy fed due date 3rd statement date 6th.. bal 399/5000

Capital one due date 1st statement date 4th  bal 293/350

First progress due date 1st statement date 4th 167/300

First premiere due date 10th statement date 13th   bal 135/500

Finger hut due date 20th statement date 24th 48/400.. Am I doing something wrong or should i not be paying them before the due date and paying at the statement date. Normally when I pay them they report  zero by the due date. Please help.. 


If it matters I have 2 settled accounts with Conns and CCS Bryant Statebank and 2 charged off accounts reporting that I have zero balances on because I paid them but they are not budging First Premeire and HSBC. I also have an old Ch7 bankruptcy that should be falling off 2/14 from 2004, EQ has already deleted it. 


Thanks well in advance!