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Re: Maximum points.. help

You want to pay Before the statement date.  Every cc reports a bit differently but many report balance on statement date or a couple days after.  I'm also a bit confused by your due dates and statement dates posted.  All of your due dates listed are before the statement dates.  Or are you saying you have 26-27 days to make the payment?  That seems a little long to me so you might want to check those dates again.  


but assuming all the dates are correct and the balances reporting to the cra's are all $0 with one at 5-7%, the only thing I can suggest is to play around a bit with the % reporting.  Some ppl claim bigger jumps at just 1%. .... Or 3%.  Even up to 9%.  However, if you only have a couple months, you don't have much time to play around with percentages.  Hopefully someone can come along and tell you what the perfect percentage is for you (though 5-7% seems to be pretty good).


lastly, are you saying you're getting 12 pts per month doing this?  If so, that's excellent!  I only get one point every two months letting 1% report.

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