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Re: FICO score questions

I see lots of opportunity for GW deletions based on the apparent sympathy of both the debt collector and the court.


If the debt collector agreed to reduce the debt based on your situation, I am kinda perplexed as to why they would not also agree to delete their reporting of the now-paid collection.


As for the OC, I dont know what reporting was made by the doctor, so dont know if GW deletion of any reporting by him is still an issue.  Did the OC make any reporting on their own account that still lingers in your CR?


As for the judgment, you can motion the court to vacate based on its payment.  Some courts will entertain and grant such motions, while others will require an actual showing of legal or procedural error in their judgment as the only basis for vacating.  Based on the judge's apparent sympathy, if his/her court procedure permits vacating based on payment, that path might be successful.  I would call the office of the clerk of the court and have a chat about their court's policy and procedure.


Vacating might not be  the only path to getting the judgment deleted.  The party who reported information always has the ability to delete their own reporting.

Being a public record, reporting often stems from hired guns who review public records, and not necessarily from the parties or the court.  Do you know who the reporting party was?