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Re: Improving credit score

That's a good question, albeit a very complicated one.  I will try to do my best to explain my take on this matter.  First off, the scores you get from myFICO are FICO scores.  They have one for EQ and for TU.  They don't have one for EX.  A couple of years ago EX stopped making their FICO scores available to the public, and yes, that even includes the scores they sell on their own website.  The EX score you get from any site will be a FAKO and could have no correlation to your actual FICO score.  The only way to get your EX score is through a lender pull or if you belong to a certain CU in Pennsylvania.  My suggestion to you, don't buy the product from their site.  You can get a free EX FAKO score from  Hope this clears it up for you!

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