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Just got scores, looking into getting new car

Hello.  I've been signing up for various trials this week to get my latest credit scores (and not pay for them) and could use some clarification.  My TU score was 673, my EQ score via the myfico score watch, is 731.  I also went to the EX site and there my "Plus" score is 703.  First of all, is it typical for all three scores to range so much?  Second, as I understand it, EX ONLY uses Plus scores, not FICO, correct?  Can the Plus score and the FICO scores really be compared then?  The reason I'm even looking into this is because I'm considering buying a car.  I realize the auto scores differ as well but would typically be higher than my standard FICO scores, right?  I'm just curious because one of the incentives I received from my dealer (who's been trying desparately to get me to trade in my vehicle) is $0 down, 0% interest for 7 years based on approved credit.  So, I was wondering how I would fare with these scores and if a car dealer's version of approved credit was an 850 FICO score to get that particular deal Smiley Happy  Thanks in advance for your input.