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Re: Just got scores, looking into getting new car

Well, I went to the dealer last night.  As much as I was joking about the perfect credit score, it was basically true.  They said, (after I was denied the deal based on my credit) that they usually only start considering people for that deal with a 780 CS.  Now, what really threw me was that I pulled all three credit scores yesterday afternoon.  The scores they pulled were all 50 points LOWER than what I had!  So, when I asked them what my scores were, I said that I actually had a print out with my scores from the same day showing very different numbers!  The salesman's jaw dropped and he went to get the finance guy.  Neither men could explain why there was this discrepancy but they clearly were not interested in honoring the scores I gave them.  How can that happen though?  How can they pull different numbers than me, 5 hours later??