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Re: His & Hers FICO Scores don't make sense

Yes, it's necessary to look through the report for each of you using a microscope and then write the details in a big comparison chart. Credit cards, store cards, installment loans, mortgages, inquiries etc. There was a time when the reports for DW and me were far more different from each other than they have become later, and it was hard but also rewarding work to figure out the whole picture. But I can say one thing, and that is that I don't recall one's score ever increasing while the other's decreasing. The score for one might have stayed the same while it for the other went up or down a little, but that's it. For the last year or two our scores have been so much in sync that I almost never bother getting reports for both of us. Oh, and it can be added that a credit score expresses the risk of you paying off credit; it is not a full picture of your financial situation including your salaries and bank accounts. Lastly, it's not optimal to acquire only the amount of credit you need, because then per definition you will on occasion max out that credit.