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Re: How long to generate a FICO score and where can I expect it to start?

The minimum scoring requirement for a FICO is that you have a credit account opened for 6 months, and that it must not be disputed. You also can't be an AU on any deceased user's account. Your CR will show an open date of the first for your new account. So, if you applied late last month, you might technically have a 2-month old account with an open date of 10/1. So, on March 1, you would have a FICO.


It's tough to predict a starting score. Depends on what happens between now and then, util on the card at that time, and what is reporting now. You specifically mentioned the word "Beacon". That's the FICO version for Equifax. Pull EQ from time to time between now and then just to make sure it remains clean. I suppose a 680 is possible on a perfectly clean report with a balance on the CC of under 9% of the CL, with nothing else reporting.